Luxonse was founded in 2023, in the pursuit of creating unisex jewelry which is visually stunning, high quality, and multipurpose. The lead designer James Holder travelled around the world studying jewelry designs, but came to the conclusion that popular jewelry is too boring and monotonous. His vision is to incorporate some out of the box ideas, blending styles new and old, crossing genres and creating some eye catching, unique pieces, which haven’t yet existed on the market, as well as some classic staples.

Luxonse separates itself from other jewelry brands not only by its aesthetic design elements, but also focusing on unique products such as the perfume pendant which is not available at any major jewelry store. We aim to always strive to bring new and exciting products to the market and give customers more than just traditional jewelry pieces which look nice.

Luxonse is a brand with a global heritage, birthed in Tokyo Japan, combining design elements from travels all over the world, and staying true to Japanese precision and attention to detail, creating breathtakingly beautiful and unique final products.